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VemoHerb® Tribulus Forte

in Food Suplements / in 16plus1 Contry of Origin: Bulgaria
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How and Why It Works? VemoHerb® Tribulus Forte supports the healthy prostate function and the other endocrine glands and supports the normal healthy attitude during menopause period.* In order for the main properties of protodioscin to be revealed, the rest of the saponins in this Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract have a very important role, helping the transformation of protodioscin to dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).* It is believed that the latter slows down the aging processes.* During the normal steroidal synthesis in the organism, DHEA takes part in the conversion of cholesterol into sex hormones.* The flavonoid glycosides support the resorption of fats and maintain the levels of cholesterol in the body which are already in normal range.* The beneficial effect of VemoHerb® Tribulus Forte for maintaining normal cholesterol levels are linked to the role of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract in maintaining healthy fat levels in the blood and its positive influence on t…

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