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VemoHerb® Men’s Formula

in Food Suplements / in 16plus1 Contry of Origin: Bulgaria
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How and Why it Works? VemoHerb® Men's Formula is very suitable for supporting the sexual health of middle-aged men, used in cases of low sexual activity caused by physical overwork and stress.* The combination of active ingredients is especially selected, complementing and helping each other synergistically in physiological aspect so that the properties and the application of the supplement is endorsed. The aphrodisiac effects of the extract from Pausinystalia yohimbe are due to the yohimbine, which promotes the blood flow in the organs in the pelvis, and the sexual desire.* These properties of the yohimbine are strengthened by the ginkgo flavone glycosides in the extract from Ginkgo biloba, the hydroxycoumarins, sterols and zinc in the extract from Urtica dioica, and the furostanol saponin protodioscin in the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract. The ginkgo flavone glycosides influence positively the male sex hormones and together with the terpenoids, support the blood c…

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