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VemoHerb® Ginkgo Hypericum

in Food Suplements / in 16plus1 Contry of Origin: Bulgaria
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How and Why It Works? The hypericin in Hypericum perforatum is a derivative of anthraquinone, which is believed to support the inhibition of monoamine oxidases, take part in the metabolic processes in the brain and help the transmission of nerve impulses.* This helps in maintaining a positive serotonin balance in the central nervous system and maintain the healthy mental functions in long term.* The hypericin itself in combination with the other phytochemicals – flavonoids, xanthene and tannic compounds influence positively the mood.* The content of flavonoids in the dietary supplement VemoHerb® Ginkgo Hypericum is further increased by the addition of the ginkgo flavonoids quercetin, kaempferol and isorhamnetin from the Ginkgo biloba extract.* The ginkgo flavone glycosides support the blood vessels of the heart and the brain in healthy individuals.* These biologically active substances also support the organism in maintaining the nerve cells integrity.* They are believed to help …

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