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VemoHerb® ECA

in Food Suplements / in 16plus1 Contry of Origin: Bulgaria
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VemoHerb® ECA is a dietary supplement that influences positively the intensive burning of excess body fats and weight loss.* VemoHerb® EKA is an effective thermogenic stimulant with wide range of applications.* How and Why It Works? VemoHerb® ECA is a natural alternative to the combination Еphedrine/Caffeine/Acylpirine and it is a complex mixture of Caffeine anhydrous, dry extract from Citrus aurantium, and dry extract from White Willow bark.* The properties of the active substances in VemoHerb® ECA provide for its beneficial effect.* Caffeine lends a hand to increasing the energy, supports the body's capabilities for intense training, influences positively the normal nerve impulse transmissions and the weight loss.* The synephrine in the dry extract of Citrus aurantium is characterized by its ability to interact with adrenoceptors and to maintain the metabolism thus burning excess fats while preserving muscle tissue.* It also influences positively the suppression of appetite i…

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