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Shower gel with olive oil and melissa

in Cosmetics / in 16plus1 Contry of Origin: Bulgaria
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In the skirts of Stara Planina mountain. A place, where Orpheus played his harp, a place where the ancient Thracian rulers built their glorious empire, is also the place where one of the most beautiful places on earth is located- the Rose Valley. This is the only place on earth that the royal flower chose for the home of the oilseed rose Damascena. Exactly there, in the heart of the Rose Valley also called the Valley of the Thracian Kings is where you will find DAMASCENA company. DAMASCENA is the first private rose brewery in Bulgaria. It was established in the year of 1991 as a small family company, which started producing rose oil, and with each year the production capacity of the company increased. After some time we were able to create our own rose plantations of the oilseed rose Damascena, which we would enlarge and renew each year. This led to the creation of a lot of workplaces in the region, and ensured work for over 100 permanent and temporary workers. Through the years and…

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