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In the skirts of Stara Planina mountain. A place, where Orpheus played his harp, a place where the ancient Thracian rulers built their glorious empire, is also the place where one of the most beautiful places on earth is located- the Rose Valley. This is the only place on earth that the royal flower chose for the home of the oilseed rose Damascena. Exactly there, in the heart of the Rose Valley also called the Valley of the Thracian Kings is where you will find DAMASCENA company. DAMASCENA is the first private rose brewery in Bulgaria. It was established in the year of 1991 as a small family company, which started producing rose oil, and with each year the production capacity of the company increased. After some time we were able to create our own rose plantations of the oilseed rose Damascena, which we would enlarge and renew each year.
This led to the creation of a lot of workplaces in the region, and ensured work for over 100 permanent and temporary workers. Through the years and because of our experience, an idea was born to teach the younger generations about this traditional for our country production, and that’s when we decided to create an ethnographic complex. In the complex the spirit of the country , the tradition and the beauty uniquely interweave with the enthusiasm of today and tomorrow! The rose oil is one of the national symbols of Bulgaria. All over the world it is known as the “Queen of the essential oils”. It is produced by the special oilseed – Rose Damascena. The first plants of this sort were transported to Bulgaria form the city of Damascus –Syria approximately 350 years ago. In the region between Stara Planina mountain and Sredna Gora mountain this rose found the best climatic conditions for its development. The rose oil can be produced only for a period of 25-30 days of the year during the months of May and June. The unique Bulgarian rose oil contains more than 300 ecological ingredients, which makes it one of a kind in the whole world.
Rose oil is used in perfumery, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food industry and in aromatherapy. It is proven that the products that contain rose oil have a favourable effect on the skin and body. Here with great desire and love we welcome every single of our guests, inspired by history and tradition! In the complex our guests will not only see our ethnographic exposition, but they can also test our essential oils and feel their unique aroma, dive in the rose gardens and our other attractions which guarantees an unforgettable experience. Many people who visited our brewery wanted to see the production process of the unique Bulgarian rose oil. They wanted to discover the secret of the unique Damascena rose and the most aromatic oil made from it. That’s why we decided to share this aroma and beauty, veiled in secrets for centuries by building a vintage rose brewery called “Gyulpana” which was made the same way as the old rose breweries functioned 350 years ago.
Every single visitor has the opportunity to witness how from this fragile flower we produce the most unforgettable aroma of the rose oil and touch the aromatic miracle of the Damascena Rose. In the skirts of the majestic mountain, surrounded by the old traditions our guests can also see a modern functioning rose brewery and witness the boiling process during the whole season. The modern brewery works on the same principle as the old one which is water-steam distillation but, of course, the capacity is much larger and the work process is automated. The company is one of the biggest in the essential oil industry including production of Rose oil, Rose absolute and Lavender oil. The company also produces natural waters, like rose water, lavender water and others. The Company is expanding its activity and production as it created its own brand of natural cosmetics which include face care, hand care, body care and hair care. The cosmetics contain as a raw material the essential oils produced by the company, and as a result the aroma of the products is a gift from nature. The quality of the products is guaranteed, and recognized throughout the world. In order to ensure the quality of our products our company works in cooperation with many of the biggest quality and analysis laboratories.
The company exports its production to a lot of EU member states, the USA, Japan and many other countries.

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